Ange7 Mariya

Ange7 Mariya is an amazing Japanese model, singer and dancer. She is also the translator for our other company Kwik Kwak Translations. We are very lucky to have Mariya on our team.

Model Specs

  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Eye Color: Light Brown
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Height: 154 cm (5′)
  • Weight: 43 kg (100 lbs)
  • Shoes: 24 (UK 5.5 – Euro 38)
  • Bust Size: 89 cm (27.5″) – F-Cup
  • Waist: 64 cm (24″)
  • Hip Size: 93 cm (14″)
  • Ring Size: 11
  • Clothing Size: Medium


  • Mariya is a world traveler and made her transformation into an adult hood at only age 16. She has experienced many things and loves to learn even more. She has valuable skills that Lincoln Studios and other companies are in demand for, not only modelling but singing, design and dance are part of her passions in life.
  • Her skills and beauty are what brought us together and we hope you can see the same as we did.
  • When Mariya is not working, she is helping her family always. She is the most dedicated Japanese girl, I have ever met.

“People never cease to amaze me.” – Tina Yothers

Dancer/Singer/Martial Artist

  • Mariya is a beautiful model, but she is a great dancer, singer and martial artist as well.


  • Hobbies are playing on her computer, cleaning, taking pictures, playing games, drawing, watching movies or creating something special…etc.
  • Current location is Nerima, Japan
  • Languages:  Japanese, English, Spanish, Tagalog
  • Originally from Japan


Mathew Douglas Lincoln ( Lincoln Studios Inc.)
Makeup Artists:
Bianca Gonzalas (Hair & Makeup)
Bianca Gonzalas (Clothing & Setup Design)
Lincoln Studios Inc.

“This is me. Take it or leave it” – Melanie Chisholm

Facebook Page Link: Ange7 Mariya

Born: September 19, 1984 Model: Ange7 Mariya Female